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The Role of Hosting in the Success of an SEO Agency

Client Goal:Be the go-to for dental SEO and digital ads. For everything else, partner with reliable, strategic experts to keep practices on top and out of trouble.
Client Challenge:Tired of the constant security issues and unreliable support that come with economy hosting
WordKeeper really goes above and beyond - DAN, DELMAIN MARKETING

Key Takeaways After Switching to WordKeeper:

  • Zero compromised security issues in over 10 years on over 100 client websites
  • Average full support ticket resolution within 2 hours in one conversation
  • Delmain maintains a 95% client retention rate thanks in part to WordKeeper hosting
  • WordKeeper supports Delmain in their sales efforts with new clients, regardless of whether WordKeeper is getting paid by the new client or not
  • Thanks to WordKeeper support, Delmain is not alone in troubleshooting technical issues that fall outside the scope of hosting services

About eight years ago, Dan Delmain’s agency faced a common yet critical challenge: finding a reliable hosting service. Frustrated with economy hosting platforms, Delmain needed a partner who really got WordPress and the unique needs of digital marketing.

Dan knew he’d found a different type of host when he discovered WordKeeper. Right from the start, WordKeeper’s team, from leadership to support staff, demonstrated profound expertise in both WordPress hosting and its critical role in SEO and broader digital marketing strategies.

If you're an agency and haven't worked with WordKeeper yet, you have no idea what you're missing out on.

If you're an agency and haven't worked with WordKeeper yet, you have no idea what you're missing out on.

Advantages of Partnering with WordKeeper

For over a decade now, Delmain has trusted WordKeeper with every single client they onboard. Literally, Delmain requires their clients to move to WordKeeper hosting for their website because of how integral WordKeeper is to each client’s success and website security.

WordKeeper’s involvement goes beyond the typical host. As a Delegated Hosting provider, WordKeeper also supports Delmain’s client strategies and internal operations with insights, tactics, and solutions tailored to digital marketing.

Almost immediately after switching to WordKeeper, Delmain saw tremendous improvements in the stability and performance of their client websites. For almost 10 years now, handling 100+ clients, Delmain has not had a single security breach on a site hosted with WordKeeper.

How WordKeeper Goes Above and Beyond for Clients

When Delmain runs into issues with a website, WordKeeper is responsive and effective at resolving problems, even if they have nothing to do with hosting. Delmain knows that they can get a fast response from WordKeeper, typically within two hours. And they’re not just queries but solutions, reducing lengthy email exchanges.

Dan will be the first to tell agency owners and operators that WordKeeper didn’t just solve a hosting issue for their clients; it propelled Delmain’s business forward. To this day, Delmain’s client retention exceeds 95%. The reliability and expertise of WordKeeper allowed Delmain to focus on what they do best: helping clients thrive in the digital space.

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