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Own your website. Delegate the problems.

Own your website. Delegate the problems.

You don't just need a different host. You need a different type of hosting.

Delegated Hosting takes responsibility for your website’s performance. By outsourcing your site’s current and future problems, you can focus on getting results in your business.

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What is Delegated Hosting?

You need a different type of host. One that doesn't just sell you specs and features. One that tangibly makes an impact in how you run your website and your business. Delegated Hosting outsources the performance of your website to experts who know you as a name and not a number. No other type of hosting even comes close.
Speed +
Websites on Delegated Hosting don't just look good on paper. They perform at the highest level to optimize for SEO and higher conversions.
Protection &
Delegated Hosting offers more than baseline security and SSL certificates. Aside from just protection, a Delegated Host provides proper due diligence, expert guidance, and thorough diagnosis if security issues arise.
Stability &
A Delegated Host keeps your site online and optimized when it matters most to your business. Whether it's traffic bursts or unprecedented growth, Delegated Hosting grows with you and keeps your site running smoothly.
Delegated Hosting provides support that sees past the current problem with elite teams that offer real solutions faster than anyone else.
Don't get stranded with the wrong hosting

Why Delegated Hosting is Better

Imagine you're purchasing a car. You could buy a used car, a new base model, one with commercial upgrades, or the model with custom features. Each option fills your need for a vehicle, but each has different perks, problems, and performance levels.

Delegated vs. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is like driving an older high-mileage sedan on a long trip through the desert. Your car is working fine, but then you suddenly break down. You've got to rely on yourself for everything. Unless you're an experienced mechanic, this isn't a great place to be.

Delegated vs. Traditional Hosting

Think of Traditional Hosting like a well-used family car. It can get the job done, but problems will most likely arise at some point. Not a huge deal if you're 16. But not something you want to deal with when you're married with kids.

Delegated vs. WP Managed Hosting

Think of Managed WP Hosting like a new luxury car. It doesn't have many problems, but when it does, they're costly. And every time you go to the dealer to fix a problem, someone stops you to talk about buying a new car without any problems.

Delegated Hosting

Delegated Hosting is like a luxury car with a personal driver. Rather than spending time driving, you can focus on other things. And the car's problems aren't your problems. The car will always be fixed and ready to go whenever you need a ride.

How Does Delegated Hosting Compare to Others?

By understanding the different types of hosting, you’ll see how Delegated Hosting stands out as the premier option for growth minded companies.
WP Managed
How are my hosting problems handled? You Handle Problems You Handle Problems Host Handles Problems Host Handles and Prevents Problems
What is the host selling me? Selling Raw Capacity Selling Specs Selling a Platform Selling Results
What level of support will I receive? No Support Bare Bones Support Competent Support Relentless Support
What is the host responsible for? Almost Nothing Responsible for Hosting Responsible for WP Health Responsible for Experience
What level of knowledge do I need? Expert Knowledge Needed Expert Knowledge Needed Intermediate Knowledge Needed Any Level of Knowledge Acceptable
What is the host’s area of focus? Infrastructure Level Focus Host Level Focus WordPress Level Focus Site Purpose Level Focus
Access to Elite Support? None or at a High Price Almost None (Elite Staff “Protected” from Customers) Better than Average Support. Paid Elite Support. Elite Support Included
How prepared is my host? Not Planning at All Planning for today Planning for tomorrow Planning for next year

Delegate Your Website Problems To Us

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