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From Google’s Blacklist to Top Search Result in 2 Days

Client: FPS Technologies
Client Goal: Drive new business through their web presence
Client Challenge: Website hacked and staged as a phishing attack to visitors
I needed someone I could trust with my websites. WordKeeper is like having experts in our back pocket - KHALIL, FPS TECHNOLOGIES

Key Takeaways:

  • FPS Technologies relies on its online presence to generate about 70% of their annual service revenue
  • FPS’ website was unexpectedly blacklisted online, disabling all Google Ads and removing the site from search engines
  • WordKeeper responded within an hour and identified a phishing attack as the root cause of the blacklisting within just 30 minutes
  • WordKeeper quickly removed the FPS website from all blacklists, restoring its online presence within 2 days
  • WordKeeper conducted a follow-up one week later to ensure the problem was fully resolved
  • Five years after the crisis, FPS Technologies has not experienced any further security breaches and continues to thrive online

FPS Technologies’ web presence generates a significant amount of new business for their company, mainly through Google ads and Google My Business. Over the last 5 years, roughly 70% of their annual service revenue comes through their website.

Khalil stepped into work one day to find that the FPS website, hosted on WordKeeper, was blacklisted by Google and major web security providers like Norton and McAfee. All of FPS’ Google Ads were disabled and their website was taken off of search engines.

This unexpected blackout threatened FPS’ business, revealing Khalil’s limitations in handling website security breaches. In desperation, he turned to WordKeeper for help.

WordKeeper is exactly what we need to have peace of mind. I use them for all of our website hosting, no matter what.

Cyber Crisis Averted – How WordKeeper Saved the Day

WordKeeper responded within the hour to let Khalil know that they were researching the problem with the site to properly diagnose the situation. 30 minutes later, WordKeeper identified a phishing attack as the root cause of the FPS website being blacklisted.

WordKeeper’s comprehensive understanding and swift action plan led to the removal of the FPS website from all blacklists, reinstating its online presence to its normal state within 2 days. Not only did WordKeeper resolve an issue that was unrelated to hosting for FPS, but they also followed up a week after the incident to make sure that the solution had worked properly.

Had FPS’ website been hosted with a different provider, Khalil would have been left to solve the security breach by himself, with zero understanding of where to start. WordKeeper’s delegated hosting showcased their value beyond a mere hosting service, distinguishing them in a field often marked by less-than-expert interactions.

Client-Oriented Hosting – The WordKeeper Difference

Khalil advises other marketers and agency owners to recognize their limitations and to partner with knowledgeable service providers who have their back. He recommends WordKeeper for their commitment to client success, website performance, and their security expertise.

Five years post-crisis, FPS Technologies has not only overcome the security breach but has also thrived, with no further incidents and a strong online presence. They have a peace of mind and operational excellence afforded by a partnership with WordKeeper.

Is your business equipped for online crises, and do you have a trusted partner to have your back when things go awry?

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