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Transforming E-commerce Performance Through Delegated Hosting

Client:Studio 41
Client Goal:Manage over 1 million products on their ecommerce site
Client Challenge:Scalability, performance, and technical challenges
The moment we spoke with WordKeeper, we understood they are experts in WordPress - RAJ, STUDIO 41

Key Takeaways:

  • Studio 41 transitioned from Kinsta to WordKeeper for hosting due to Kinsta’s inability to meet their expanding online needs
  • Delegated hosting solved Studio 41’s scalability issues and specific technical challenges like database lockouts
  • WordKeeper enabled Studio 41 to efficiently manage over a million online products
  • Raj recommends other growing WordPress e-commerce businesses to consider a strategic partnership with WordKeeper

Raj Singh is technical advisor for Studio 41, a luxury home fixture retailer known for its high-end products and manufacturing base in Chicago. Despite its quality offerings, Studio 41 faced challenges in showcasing and selling its vast product range online, especially as its catalog grew to over a million items.

Our clients are very happy. And as the developer, were also very happy. WordKeeper is the way to go.

What Sets WordKeeper Apart From Other Hosting Providers

Initially, Studio 41’s online platform was hosted by Kinsta, but as their product range expanded, it became clear that Kinsta couldn’t support the website’s scaling needs. The shift to WordKeeper marked a turning point.

Raj was looking for a strategic hosting partner who could see beyond cookie-cutter solutions for complex problems. When he discovered WordKeeper’s delegated hosting, there was a clear difference in the service they provided.

WordKeeper’s holistic hosting addressed not only the immediate scalability issues Studio 41 was facing, but also deeper technical challenges, such as database lockouts.

WordKeeper’s expertise in WordPress and their proactive approach to identifying and solving underlying technical problems allowed Studio 41’s website to manage an extensive catalog without sacrificing performance.

Why Choose WordKeeper as Your WordPress Hosting Partner

The partnership between Raj, Studio 41, and WordKeeper exemplifies the impact of choosing the right hosting service for e-commerce success. WordKeeper’s tailored approach and commitment to addressing specific client needs helped Raj overcome scalability challenges, transforming Studio 41’s online presence.

For WordPress e-commerce businesses experiencing growth pains, Raj recommends working with a delegated hosting partner like WordKeeper. Their ability to understand and adapt to unique challenges may unlock potential and performance for your online store that you’re currently missing.

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